Give your meal the power of plant it deserves.

With so many farm-to-fork-worthy options, you can pick your plant-powered pick me up and make it your own. Shake up mac and cheese night with lentil-powered pasta. Or toss a salad and pile on chickpea-made rice that marches to its own nutritious-meets-delicious grain. Whatever your taste, or regional craving, we’ve got a whole harvest of meals to build your favorite culinary creations.


Chickpea spaghetti? Lentil penne? Fuggedaboutit. We went straight to the Boot—where Italians do it best—to give this pasta-meets-plant its authentic al dente bite. Our gluten-free, organic twist to tradition serves up endless protein-packed pastabilities. La dolce vita, indeed.

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lentil pasta vs traditional pasta

24g Fiber2g Fiber
15g Protein7g Protein
13g Net Carbs52g Net Carbs
9g Glycemic Load20g Glycemic Load

Rice Alternates

Cut like a pasta. Made from chickpeas (and nothing but!). Yup, we bent all the rules on rice. And now this protein powerhouse is ready to be your hearty-meets-healthy base in soups, salads, stir fry or any delish dish. Toss it cold. Mix it up. Think outside the legume.

Ingredients: Just Chickpeas!

chickpea rice vs brown rice

18g Fiber2g Fiber
16g Protein3g Protein
13g Net Carbs52g Net Carbs
9g Glycemic Load20g Glycemic Load


Get ready to go nutty for the holy grail of super seeds. Our Royal Bolivian Quinoa cooks-up fluffier, nuttier, and above all, is 100% whole grain. Time-tested, generations-grown—harvested from the high-altitude Andes where it grows crazy best. Hello, new flavor heights!

Ingredients: Royal Bolivian Quinoa