Our recipe for passion.

Like you, we’re on a quest to get the most flavor out of life. Traveling and trading stories with every farmer, grain and seed we’ve met around the globe, we couldn’t help but find inspiration in age-old tales of foods rooted generations-deep in cultures and regions. Cuisines utterly unique to lands and people from the high-altitude Andes to the Himalayan foothills and beyond.

Craving to bring these culinary stories to life—and keep the flavorful traditions alive—we went to the source. And learned from the small organic farmers, chefs and makers who know the foods best .

“As we evaluate various products and partnerships, our goal is to support values-based businesses while bringing value to our customers.”
Nimesh Ray, Founder, Anaya Foods

Together with our farmer families, we’ve cooked up all those time-honored traditions, cultures, and regions into a reimagined feast of plant-powered goodness. Bringing it back to the table, and sharing with friends and family, is the ultimate way to savor the memories. And connect us all. Real foods. More delicious, in every whole grain.

In our family, we were raised vegetarians — enjoying whole grains and vegetables has always been an integral, fundamental part of our lives. Today, we travel the globe with that philosophy in mind. We pride ourselves on bringing you nutritious foods that are simply made, and simply perfect.
Esha & Nimesh Ray, Founders