In our kitchen, healthy is always in season.

We like our ingredients au naturel

Just as whole and naked as our farmers pick ‘em. Pure, clean, gluten-free. No fillers, no binders—no BS. Wham-bam, simple and satisfying, thank you ma’am.

Crop to kitchen, we’re rooted in quality

Sustainably sourced from farm to fork, we’re obsessed with exceeding the highest food safety standards. What can we say—we’re foodie overachievers

Small farmers have our heart

And we love giving back. Be it funding or fostering innovation, we empower and support farmer families to help them grow and thrive.

We hold plants to a higher power

Yep, you can still have your pasta and rice—and eat healthy too. Lentils to chickpeas, our plant-powered meals pack a nutrient-rich, well-balanced punch to all your family faves.

Cultural tradition is our best recipe

From generations-old rice farmers to traditional handmade pasta, we celebrate the customs and cultures that bring their wholly original flavor and flair to worldly cuisine.

We love to eat up life

We’re always looking to leap new culinary bounds and reimagine tradition—forever exploring and spicing it up with fresh vegetarian takes on authentic classics.

A plant for every craving.


Our gluten-free, organic twist to tradition serves up endless protein-packed pastabilities.


Chickpea-based rice? Absolute game-changer. We’ve turned this comfort-food-for-all into healthy food for all.


Our Royal Bolivian Quinoa is the real deal—cultivated (to perfection!) for centuries so it’s the nuttiest, healthiest, and heartiest little super seed you’ll ever meet.

Stories that flavor the land.

Like you, we’re on a quest to get the most flavor out of life. Traveling and trading stories with every farmer, grain and seed we’ve met around the globe, we couldn’t help but find inspiration in age-old tales of foods rooted generations-deep in cultures and regions. And give it a fresh, healthy twist.